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3D-ULTIMATEPRO non surgical body device

The ultimate combination of advanced technologies offering a complete and prescriptive approach to non-surgical body treatments.

The reason this non-surgical technology has proven so popular is because as a brand and as a device it is fundamentally different!

Historically machines have one technology which generally treat one thing well. Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes and each clients need vary.

The 3d Lipo Ultimatepro has multiple advanced technologies which enable clients to treat a multitude of indications and give your body the best outcome. 

The technologies contained in 3d Lipo Ultimatepro means that we can now treat (non surgical) fat removal, skin tightening and the treatment of cellulite.

3d Lipo has been featured in numerous press articles over the past 4 years and has become the celebrities favourite body contouring treatment resulting in the machine becoming the most popular body treatment in the UK.


  • WHAT IS 3D- LIPO?3D -LIPO: Is a non-surgical fat reduction,inch loss treatment.
    3D- LIPO: Aims to alter body shape,using fat removal,skin tightening and cellulite reduction.
    3D- LIPO: Allows you to target specific areas and problems on the body and face.
  • HOW DO I CHOOSE WHICH 3D -LIPO TREATMENT IS RIGHT FOR ME?choosing which  3D -LIPO treatment is best will depend on what your concerns are there are five different treatment setting, however don’t worry about which treatment is best for you as a qualified therapist will discuss all aspects of the treatment at your consultation.
    3D- CAVITATION: The main tool for overall circumference reduction.
    3D -CRYOLIPOLYSIS: Is ideal for targeting specific problem areas for fat removal.
    3D- RADIO FREQUENCY: Fat melting for body,also skin tightening for body and face.
    3D- SHOCKWAVES: Targets cellulite and aid lymphatic drainage.
    3D -HI-FU: destroys fat cells and tightens skin in the treated area.
  • WHAT AREAS CAN BE TREATED/IMPROVED WITH 3D -LIPO?3D -LIPO: Can treat most areas of the body and face.
  • WILL I NEED TO TAKE TIME OFF WORK AFTER HAVING 3D- LIPO TREATMENT?There is no downtime after a 3D -LIPO treatment however slight bruising or swelling may occur.
  • IS 3D- LIPO SUITABLE FOR MEN?3D- LIPO Is most definitely also recommended for males.
  • WHAT HAPPENS TO RELEASED FAT CELLS AFTER 3D -LIPO TREATMENT?After a 3D -LIPO session fat cells are transported through the vascular and lymphatic system to the liver and processed by the body’s natural mechanisms.
  • HOW MANY 3D -LIPO TREATMENTS WILL I NEED?The amount of 3D -LIPO treatments will vary for your desired results, usually this will involve 4-8 treatments.
  • WHAT DOES 3D- LIPO INVOLVE ?3D- LIPO is a process of treatments which is tailored to the individual depending on there needs, a 3D -LIPO treatment may consist of up to  four different types of treatments to achieve the desired result
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